Following up on our activities in 2007, ReAct was attending the World Health Assembly (WHA) again this year. Relationships with friends and partners from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other health organisations were strengthened, and new contacts were made with the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), to mention some.

ReAct at the WHPA Conference on Regulation

WPP Forum
The Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum is a network of pharmacy associations operating within the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organisation with the objective of bringing the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and the World Health Organisation closer together in co-operative action with World Health Organisation and its policies.  FIP established one Forum in each of the six United Nations/WHO local regions.

Amongst many of its objectives, the Forum vigorously pursues rational and quality use of all medicines, including antibiotics. “We have considerable concerns in many countries in our region relating to counterfeit antibiotics. Perhaps even of greater concern, is the indiscriminate use of sub-standard antibiotic medicines.”

The forum will continue to push for stronger controls in all countries in the region to prevent indiscriminate marketing of all medicines, including antibiotics,

ReAct Reception

A very successful reception was held at the Restaurant Nomades. About 35 persons came to mingle and to share knowledge and experience.

Interresting discussions took place about ReAct, antibacterial resistance, rational use of drugs, and about possibilities for future collaboration.

Among the guests were representatives from the WHO, WHPA, FIP, Commonwealth Pharmacists Association, World Council of Churches, Peoples Health movement, Health Action International, Third World Network, International Pharmaceutical Students Federation, Swedish Medical Association, World Medical Association, Korean Pharmaceutical Association and the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society.

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ReAct Posters at the WHA

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Regional Networks
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Burden of AR
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Innovation of
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