ReAct - Action on Antibiotic Resistance

ReAct is an independent global network for concerted action on antibiotic resistance.  ReAct aims for profound change in awareness and action to manage the interacting social, political, ecological and technical forces that drive the rising rate of resistant human and animal infection and the rapid spread of resistance within and between communities and countries.

ReAct acts as a forum for ideas, debate and collaboration between diverse stakeholders.  It believes change will depend on engaging with social movements, civil society, community and consumer organizations, academia, health policy reformers and those individuals, networks or institutions that generate and analyze health-related knowledge and catalysing interaction between them on the issue.

ReAct coordinates many specific activities and concerted action planning with these groups aiming to create the environment for policy, programme and community action on antibiotic resistance at global, national and local levels.


Our vision is a world free from fear of untreatable infections.


ReAct operates an international secretariat with its administration based within Uppsala University where it is organized as a project funded by a number of Swedish agencies but predominantly by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and Uppsala University.

ReAct does not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry.