ReAct - Action on Antibiotic Resistance

ReAct - Action on Antibiotic Resistance is an independent global network for concerted action on antibiotic resistance. We aim for profound change in awareness and action to manage the interacting social, political, ecological and technical forces that drive the rising rate of resistant human and animal infection and the rapid spread of resistance within and between communities and countries.


Our vision is a world free from fear of untreatable infections.


ReAct works across disciplines, bringing stakeholders together in developing ways forward, promoting best practices and innovative solutions, advocating and mobilizing for behavioral change. As a credible expert source for strategic policy guidance, ReAct has successfully brought evidence about the problem of antibiotic resistance outside the expert conference rooms and managed to put the issue on the agenda of various global institutions

ReAct does not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

Antibiotic Resistance
- The Silent Tsunami


"The world can no longer afford to misuse antibiotics nor can we ignore the ever-increasing prevalence and incidence of resistant and multi-resistant bacterial strains worldwide. ABR has become a threat to the health of the entire globe and it is time to act before it becomes too late".

ReAct Strategic Plan 2015-2019.