ReAct Africa  –  Youth Engagement


In line with the Kenya’s National Action Plan on Prevention and Containment of AMR, ReAct Africa is currently implementing a pilot project that uses the English version of the Alforja Educativa. The project activities, which are being implemented in collaboration with Ace Africa via the Child-to-Child methodology include adaptation of the Alforja Educativa to the Kenyan context and piloting of the adapted Alforja in selected schools in Siaya and Kisumu counties in Kenya.

ReAct Africa in collaboration with Ace Africa collaborated with the Ministry of Public Health in Siaya County, Kenya to combine WAAW activities with World Toilet Day activities. Primary school children in Child-to-Child (CtC) clubs in four schools in which a project dubbed Alforja Kenya was ongoing, marshalled the 1-day event activities. They coined and presented informative messages on AMR, associating  AMR to WASH and inappropriate use of antibiotics – through songs, skits and dances to the audience mainly comprised of parents, teachers, public health stakeholders and other pupils.

Despite the unprecedented disruption due to the 9-month nationwide school closure as part of the COVID-19 pandemic response, the Alforja Kenya project activities were revived in 2021, albeit with a tweak in activities to avoid breaching stipulated COVID protocols. This saw the children being engaged in an art competition where the finalists showcased their art pieces during WAAW 2021 and winning teams awarded trophies. The art work was based on AMR in the human, animal and environmental sectors, with an attempt to showcase the One Health nature of it.

Alforja Children’s artwork
The finalists from Migosi and Orongo with the judges
Children from Migosi and Orongo Primary schools in the exhibition Hall in Migosi