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Raghini Ranganathan

Portrait of Raghini Ranganathan.

Consultant, ReAct Asia Pacific


Phone: +91-94870 81901

Dr. Ranganathan works with the ReAct Asia Pacific project Antibiotic Smart Communities where she is engaged in disseminating the concept. She also works with advocacy around community engagement for implementation of National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance.

Dr. Ranganathan is a medical doctor by training and specializes in community medicine (social and preventive medicine). She was formerly associated with REACH, India, and is based in Chennai. She has experience in disease surveillance, routine immunization, TB case-finding and community engagement as part of Tuberculosis.

She is passionate about providing person-centered, gender-responsive services to those seeking care. Dr.Ranganathan is also interested in employing principles of evidence-based medicine to build health workers’ capacity and de-medicalize health and disease for the communities to heighten community-driven demand for quality health services.

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