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Anna Zorzet

Anna Zorzet, Head of ReAct Europe

Strategic Advisor ReAct Europe

Phone: +46 18 471 66 76

Dr. Anna Zorzet is Strategic Advisor at ReAct Europe, hosted by Uppsala University.

Dr. Zorzet completed her PhD in medical microbiology with a focus on antibiotic resistance at Uppsala University in 2010. She then moved into the policy field when she joined ReAct, in January 2011. Her main focus areas are antibacterial discovery and development and how we can make antibiotics accessible and affordable for all. She is also involved with how governance and financing of the antibiotics space could be organized and how civil society can be better integrated in decision-making processes. As part of her work she connects with policy makers, community leaders and health professionals on both local and global levels and she is passionate about increasing seats at the decision-making tables for LMIC representatives, as many decisions will affect them the most.