Civil Society Organizations

A call to action

Civil society organizations across the globe bring diverse voices and perspectives into the conversation and play a key role in raising awareness, changing public perceptions, and advocating for policy change.



Raise awareness

Awareness raising campaigns can increase knowledge on antibiotics, their appropriate use, side-effects and limitations and thus potentially change behavior.

Toolbox - A guide for civil society

The antibiotic resistance issue is complex and the options for action are many. The process can be daunting but ReAct has resources to help.

ReAct Africa shares experiences on CSO engagement at 71st World Health Assembly

This 71st session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) offers a unique space for health specialists, in a multitude of areas affecting global health and its future, to interact, share and learn. Mirfin Mpundu, Head of React Africa, contributed to a side brainstorming event for civil society with the title: “AMR Control: Are We Off Track?”

Peter Yeboah - from rural Ghana to representing 41 organizations in 30 countries – engaging in antibiotic resistance

Peter Yeboah, Chairman and Executive Director, is an optimist. He thinks recent experiences with epidemic outbreaks in Africa demonstrate that global health security lies in strengthening sub-Saharan African health systems. He thinks faith based- and civil society organizations play an important role for action on antibiotic resistance.

Thirty civil society groups meet to develop strategies on antibiotic resistance - resulted in input to IACG and the WHO

Mid May, 2018, members of the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition (ARC) and other civil society partners convened in Geneva for a three-day conference, “Charting A Future Free from the Fear of Untreatable Infections: A Civil Society Agenda,” organized by the South Centre, Third World Network and ReAct. The meeting brought together representatives from over 30 civil society organizations spanning all five continents.

Growing public response to AMR in Thailand

Dr Niyada Kiatying-Angsulee, Thailand’s foremost civil society activist on antimicrobial resistance, speaks to ReAct about the growing public awareness issues related to antimicrobial resistance in Thailand.