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Translate function

You may have seen the ‘Translate’ button in the lower right corner of the website. This translate function is provided by Google Translate.

When you click on the button you can choose a language for translation via a pop up meny. This is an automatic function via Google Translate.

As the website is originally written in English, we strongly encourage you to use the English version whenever possible. We can not guarantee that the translations generated are accurate, and have not in any way reviewed the quality of the translations. We merely offer you this option to translate the content of our website to facilitate understanding and use. If you are missing a language, or have other comments regarding the translate function, please do not hesitate to contact us at react@medsci.uu.se.

If you would like to reference or cite our website please only refer to the English version.


www.reactgroup.org is written in English, and we currently do not have the possibility to translate the content to other languages. To assist non-English speaking users to navigate and understand the website, we provide a translate function powered by Google Translate. It should be noted that this translate function should only be used as a help to get a grasp of the content of www.reactgroup.org, as we can not guarantee the accuracy of the translations. We strongly recommend that the English version is used when possible.