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ReAct - Action on Antibiotic Resistance


Based on four continents ReAct advocates for the adoption of a holistic view of the problem of antibiotic resistance and solutions that engage all of society. We believe that sustainable access to affordable and effective prevention and treatment of bacterial infections is part of everyone’s right to health.

ReAct takes a global perspective by advocating that responses and solutions must be informed by and adapted to countries’ individual contexts and realities.

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ReAct Africa

ReAct Africa is an unique group of antibiotic resistance champions and experts from across the continent. We strive for changes in the antibiotic resistance situation in Africa on all levels of society.

ReAct Asia Pacific

ReAct Asia Pacific mobilizes policy makers and the general public by taking a holistic perspective and encouraging locally appropriate initiatives to find innovative solutions to the issue of antibiotic resistance.

ReAct Europe

React Europe catalyzes change by engaging actively in global policy debates and providing science-based expert advice to policy and decision makers on antibiotic resistance. We also support countries in the development of National Action Plans on antibiotic resistance.

ReAct Latin America

ReAct Latin America mobilizes change at local and grassroots level by focusing on changing the paradigm on antibiotics. We take an environmental approach that values the role of bacteria in human life and ecosystems and focuses on the relationship between human health, healthy food, medicines and the microbial world.