About us  –  How we work and are organized

We influence policy

Our vision:

“A world free from untreatable infections.”

Antibiotic resistance is a great and urgent global risk that requires increased attention and coherence at international, regional and national levels. Without effective multisectoral cooperation, antibiotic resistance is projected to cause millions of deaths worldwide with massive social, economic and global public health repercussions.

Many hanging light bulbs. Some lit, some not.

Coordinated, collective action is needed and change must be made also on the political level. As an independent network ReAct calls for policies that ensure access to effective antibiotics without excess.

Facilitate strategic thinking on access, innovation and conservation of antibiotics

ReAct facilitates strategic thinking on some of the most difficult questions of access, innovation and conservation. Through representation from our extended network, we ensure that the voice of low- and middle income countries is at the forefront of discussion. To always keep up to date on the continuously evolving changing landscape, ReAct:

  • collects data
  • assesses strategies
  • reviews policy proposals
  • learns and shares experiences from our extended network.

ReAct is a convening hub that creates opportunities for its members and partners worldwide to meet, share ideas, learn, strategize, network and provoke conversations that matter.

ReAct – a forum for ideas, debate and collaboration for stakeholders working on antibiotic resistance

Over the years, ReAct has brought concepts such as delinkage into the debate around antibiotics.

To attract the interest from public figures, organizations and government agencies and enhance political support, ReAct:

  • publishes position papers
  • organizes meetings
  • presents in events
  • takes part in expert groups
  • advises member states and UN organizations
  • and has an active voice in social media.