About us  –  How we work and are organized

We encourage action

Our vision:

“A world free from untreatable infections.”

Addressing antibiotic resistance is a complex task, but it is happening right now and we all have a role in this global challenge.

Young woman jumps into water from a cliff. More people on cliff.

Acting as a catalyst, ReAct aims to engage everyone from the public sector to civil society, calling on stakeholders from health, agriculture, environment, economic, and development sectors to integrate antibiotic resistance into their ongoing work. ReAct links together a variety of ongoing initiatives to develop national policies and community interventions on antibiotic resistance in regions. ReAct seeks to increase the number of individuals and organizations equipped with the knowledge and skills to take action on antibiotic resistance.

A growing network for action on antibiotic resistance

ReAct is constantly growing its network, connecting interested stakeholders and building a coalition of dedicated champions. ReAct mobilizes its partners to take action collectively or as individual organizations, influences decision-makers and engages in key debates affecting the issue. Through knowledge-sharing and capacity building, ReAct aims to equip civil society organizations, health care workers, veterinarians, farmers and policy makers with the tools and resources necessary to bring about change.

We identify and unite like-minded

ReAct brings antibiotic resistance to the attention of organizations and institutions who have a vested interest but have not initiated efforts on the issue yet. ReAct identifies and unites like-minded and complementary partners, thus creating a diverse assortment of expertise to strengthen our knowledge base and gain new perspectives.

ReAct Toolbox

ReAct Toolbox, the world’s most comprehensive collection of resources and information on antibiotic resistance.