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We share knowledge

Our vision:

“A world free from untreatable infections.”

Awareness about the problem of antibiotic resistance is still shockingly low. Information and data is needed to encourage interested parties to take up the issue, to facilitate action on the ground and influence global policies.

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ReAct  is a focal point for sharing and disseminating key knowledge on antibiotic resistance related to health and sustainable development. We translate scientific evidence into policy action on national, regional and global levels. The problem is large and ReAct cannot address the issue alone. We strive to equip our extended network with the knowledge and tools needed to take action on antibiotic resistance.

A clearinghouse that analyzes and shares knowledge on antibiotic resistance

ReAct is an independent network, with a long reputation for its scientific credibility, and lack of bias. Acting as a clearinghouse, through the ReAct Toolbox, we analyze and share important and relevant knowledge on antibiotic resistance. Building on over 10 years of experience in the field, ReAct draws upon its combined expertise to review scientific literature, news and policy updates.

This knowledge is supplemented with strategic information gathered from our extended network of champions actively working in the field. Science, observations and ideas from the ground are then combined, distilled and synthesized into formats suitable for our network partners.

Right facts and knowledge for you to use

ReAct works to get the right facts and knowledge into the hands of the people who can use it. Through compiling and disseminating compelling data and experiences, we hope to both educate and inspire. ReAct displays the importance of antibiotic resistance for different audiences. This by speaking at meetings and conferences and delivering tailored messages. From the publication of papers to the development of information, education and communication materials, ReAct strives to empower and prepare a new generation of champions on antibiotic resistance.

The ReAct Toolbox – for guidance and inspiration

ReAct maintains the Toolbox, a web-based resource for inspiration and guidance on what can be done to stop the spread of antibiotic resistance. Throughout the Toolbox a narrative text guides the user on how to work with the problem, combining practical advice with inspirational examples and providing links to external resources. Many of the resources can be adapted and implemented in a variety of contexts.

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