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ReAct Africa

ReAct Africa catalyzes african action on antibiotic resistance and engages Sub-Saharan countries in the development of National Action Plans. We are hosted by the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network in Nairobi, Kenya. Click here for our contact details.

Mirfin Mpundu

Head of ReAct Africa

Yvon de Jong

Communications Coordinator


Mercy Naitore

Project Assistant

Samuel Shanju

Project Assistant

Collins Jaguga

Collins Jaguaga

Project Manager

Tracie Muraya

Project Manager

ReAct Asia Pacific

ReAct Asia Pacific works to mobilize policy makers and the public using a holistic perspective and encouraging locally appropriate initiatives to find innovative solutions to the issue of antibiotic resistance. Click here for our contact details.


Sujith J. Chandy

Head of ReAct Asia Pacific

Satya Sivaraman

Communications Coordinator

Vida Parady

Communications Officer

ReAct Europe

ReAct Europe works across the world focusing on science and policy issues regarding antibiotic resistance. Our office is located in Uppsala, Sweden and we are hosted by Uppsala University. Click here for our contact details.

Anna Zorzet

Head of ReAct Europe

Otto Cars

Founder and Senior Advisor

Elisabeth Lindström

Project Coordinator

Bronwen Holloway

Global Network Coordinator

Maria Pränting

Scientific Officer
On parental leave

Dušan Jasovský

Policy Associate

Thomas Grenholm Tängdén

Medical Director

Therese Holm

Media and Communications Manager

Karin Malmros

Scientific Associate

Caroline Granberg

Project Assistant/Administrator

Helle Aagaard

Policy Advisor

Matti Karvanen

Scientific Officer

ReAct Latin America

ReAct Latin America mobilizes change at local and grassroots level by focusing on changing the paradigm on antibiotics. We are based at the Universidad del Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador. Click here for our contact details.

Arturo Quizphe Peralta

Head of ReAct Latin America

Silvina Alessio

Project Coordinator

Carlos Bacacela

Communications Coordinator

Isabel Aguilar

Project Assistant

Carla Salgado

Academic Coordinator

ReAct North America

ReAct North America focuses on global strategic policy and are based at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. Click here for our contact details.

Anthony So

Head of ReAct North America

Reshma Ramachandran

Assistant Scientist