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Arturo Quizhpe Peralta

Director ReAct Latin America


Arturo Quizhpe Peralta is Director of ReAct Latin America and he was one of the persons starting ReAct in this part of the world. Arturo has been dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Cuenca, Ecuador. Here he also served as the chair of pediatrics. Currently, he is an external PhD researcher at the International Centre for Research and Education on Health Systems Radboud University in the Netherlands. Earlier he was the general coordinator of the Second World Health Assembly of Peoples (Cuenca, 2005), member of the Executive Committee of the Movement for People’s Health, founder of the International University for People’s Health teacher and founding member of Child to Child center in Ecuador. He has also authored more than 50 books, scientific articles and stories, translated into several languages and published in many countries.

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