National Action Plans on AMR

Global Action Plan and UN Declaration

Antibiotic resistance finally features high up on the global political agenda both at the United Nations and World Health Organization.

In September 2016 during the High Level Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance during the United Nations General Assembly, Member States adopted a political declaration on antimicrobial resistance. It is only the fourth time ever that a health issue has been elevated to the attention of Heads of States at the United Nations which testifies to the importance that antimicrobial resistance is increasingly being given by decision makers. The political declaration built on the WHO Global Action Plan which was passed the year before during the 68th World Health Assembly.

These documents, and more importantly the commitments made by governments in them, pave the way for action on antibiotic resistance to start taking place at global, regional, national and local level.

UN Political Declaration (PDF).

Global Action Plan.