ReAct 15 years!

Julian Nyamupachitu: I enjoy the value of sharing best practices and collaborating across the globe

In ReAct's series of celebrating ReAct 15 years we decided to talk to our staff across the globe. Julian Nyamupachitu works as a Program Office for ReAct Africa and is placed in Zambia. She joined ReAct in 2018.

How would you describe ReAct as a working place?

Julian Nyamupachitu, Program Officer, ReAct Africa.

– ReAct is a global network represented in different continents – as a person who thrives working as part of a team – ReAct offers an opportunity for a lot of cross-learning in various aspects of antibiotic resistance across different geographical contexts.

What engages you the most in your position at ReAct?

– Antibiotic resistance is a multi-sectoral problem and what engages me the most is the opportunity to work with a diverse range of stakeholders in the African region including students, civil society organizations, media and personnel from various sectors as we use a one health approach in our interventions.

What have you learned working for ReAct?

– Apart from the fact that I now appreciate more how much antibiotic resistance is an urgent global pandemic that requires urgent action, I have also learned the value of collaboration and sharing best practices across different geographical contexts.


Julian Nyamupachitu works as a Program Officer for ReAct Africa. She is responsible for supporting ReAct Africa in project implementation, monitoring and evaluation and donor reporting for projects implemented across various African countries. Before moving to ReAct, she was a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant with the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network and was also previously part time consultant with IMA World Health.

This year ReAct is celebrating 15 years of action on antibiotic resistance and this article is part of this celebration!

The story of ReAct started 15 years ago with a small group of people, many who are still with the network today. They all shared a passion for global health, and felt the urgency to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. The network has since grown, with the presence of offices in 5 continents and many passionate members working together.
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