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Antibiotic resistance in Africa

African countries suffer more from the burden of infectious diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Both treatments and most medical procedures need functioning antibiotics. The Global Research on Antimicrobial Resistance (GRAM) paper published in 2022 provides a helpful global estimate of the burden of antibiotic resistance, with new evidence showing that antibiotic resistance is a leading cause of death globally, higher than HIV/AIDS or Malaria. New estimates have revealed that at least 1.27 million deaths in 2019 were attributable to antibiotic resistance. Sub-Saharan Africa faces the highest burden of antibiotic resistance. Resistance is a major threat in Africa and we need to work together across disciplines- and come up with contextualized and sustainable solutions.

Concerted action on antibiotic resistance

ReAct Africa works with multi – stakeholders , at various levels using a one health approach .We assist with the creation and implementation of National Action Plans, and raise awareness among both the general public and among health, veterinarian, agricultural and environmental professionals. We work with other networks to have an even greater impact on antibiotic resistance.

About us

ReAct Africa brings together experts and key stakeholders to form technical working groups on antimicrobial resistance. We provide technical assistance in the development and implementation of the National Action Plans. ReAct Africa takes on a holistic perspective and raises awareness by informing the general public and the health, veterinarian, agricultural and environmental sectors about antibiotic resistance.

How we work against AMR

National Action Plans

In 2015, the World Health Assembly called on all Member States to develop and have in place by 2017, National Action Plans on antimicrobial resistance that are aligned with the objectives of the Global Action Plan. Although some considerable progress has been made, major gaps still exist in Africa and require urgent action.

How we support NAP development and Implemetation

AMR Champion Interviews

Antibiotic resistance is a complex issue that requires behavior change from every person. We share interviews, stories and vast experiences from our network to influence behavior change and raise awareness on AMR in the African region.

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RAN Conference

Countries should not reinvent the wheel. Therefore, ReAct Africa holds an annual conference that brings together key people from multiple countries to share experiences and best practices, but also the obstacles and failures, to support each other in the development of National Action Plans.

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Engaging Students

ReAct Africa has been engaging students at various levels, from the elementary to the tertiary level. The objective of the interventions is to raise AMR awareness amongst students so that ultimately the students become “AMR champions” in their individual and professional capacity.

How we engage with students

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