ReAct Africa

Working with CSOs

ReAct Africa collaborates with (Civil society Organizations) CSOs working at community level with a strong rooting in communities as well as local country level organizations to hold governments accountable to commitments made (whether in NAPs or regional/global strategies).

The importance of CSOs

CSOs play a critical role in raising awareness, catalyzing action in communities, holding organizations and countries accountable to their commitments, and supporting government policies and programs to control AMR. CSOs have a unique position of being potential catalysts in transforming public health policies and practice through activities such as lobbying, advocacy, education, and community mobilization, but their involvement in AMR has been limited.

How we engage CSOs and Increase collaboration

1. ReAct Africa Annual Conferences

Countries should not reinvent the wheel. Since 2016, ReAct Africa has held an annual conference that brings together key people from multiple countries and CSOs to not only share experiences and best practices, but also the obstacles and failures, to support each other in the development of National Action Plans. We believe there is strength in partnership.

ReAct Africa Conference- 2016

ReAct Africa held its first ever Annual Conference in October, 2016. The conference was hosted by the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN) at Brackenhurst Conference Centre, Limuru, Kenya. The conference was themed “Supporting LMICs in developing NAPs that address the ‘One Health’ approach”, and had representation of 11 African countries which included AMR Focal points at country level, experts from the animal and human health sectors, environmental and agriculture sector, civil society, academia and multilateral partners.

ReAct Africa Conference- 2017

The RAN conference, hosted by ReAct African Node (RAN) and EPN had the theme Moving Beyond Antimicrobial Resistance National Action Plans Development to Implementation and was attended by key global leaders on antimicrobial resistance. AMR champions from 14 predominantly African countries gathered in Machakos, Kenya to share experiences and updates on the progress of their implementation of NAPs on AMR.

ReAct Africa Conference- 2018

The 2018 annual conference brought together 67 participants from 22 African countries. Participants were various stakeholders from the human health, animal health, agriculture and environment sectors – One Health Approach. The three-day meeting identified successes, challenges and recommendations for the implementation of NAPs in relation to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the One Health approach including governance. The conference also provided an opportunity for discussions on the link between SDGs and AMR and how the failure to address AMR would impact attainment of the 2030 Agenda. The ReAct Africa annual conference 2019 will have a theme on Universal Health Coverage in addressing ABR.