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NAP Implementation Support

In Zambia, ReAct Africa is partnering with the Antimicrobial Resistance Coordination Committee (AMRCC) from Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) and PATH-Fleming Fund Country Grant to conduct Point Prevalence Studies (PPS) and Infection prevention and control trainings. ReAct Africa continues to provide support towards various Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) activities in some of the health facilities in Zambia.

ReAct Africa also supported NAP implementation in Kenya by facilitating AMS trainings in Makueni county. The training objectives were to create awareness and understanding on AMR and factors that propagate the development of AMR, to build capacity on rational use of antimicrobials, principles of AMS, the importance of AMS committees and their association with Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) committees and build capacity on how to conduct AMS audits. ReAct Africa also conducted baseline studies on AMS and IPC in the health facilities.

Dr. Mpundu, ReAct Africa Director (top) and Dr. Muraya, ReAct Africa Policy Officer (bottom)

The findings from the baseline studies which assessed the facilities’ capacities to address AMR, through establishing resilient stewardship and IPC structures, were presented at a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony organized by ReAct Africa and Makueni County Health Management Team. The formal MOU between ReAct Africa and County Government of Makueni and was signed by Dr. Andrew Mulwa, Minister for Health, Makueni County and Dr. Mirfin Mpundu, Director ReAct Africa.

The County Health Management Team and RAN Team, exhibiting the baseline study report
The County Health Management Team and RAN Team, exhibiting the baseline study report
Dr. Andrew Mulwa (left) & Dr. Mirfin Mpundu (right) exhibiting the signed MOU; and the “gentleman’s elbow-shake”


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