Course: Antibiotic Resistance - The Silent Tsunami  –  Part 1

Antibiotic resistance in the media

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“‘Superbugs’ kill India’s babies and pose an overseas threat”, “Infections resist ‘last antibiotic’ in US”, “The unstoppable superbugs that could kill millions”, and “Welcome to the post-antibiotic world”. The news headlines about antibiotic resistance are countless.

But is the media coverage the same worldwide? Are some news feeds more focused on certain antibiotic-resistant bacteria and are there even those who deny that the pandemic of antibiotic resistance is taking place?

Reflection point

Please reflect upon how antibiotic resistance is portrayed in the media. Start by searching for a news item (for example on a local or national news website) in which antibiotic resistance is described. Try to pinpoint one aspect from this news item that you find relevant, interesting or striking and motivate why.

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