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In the previous step, you’ve explored some of the challenges doctors worldwide are facing when making decisions about antibiotic therapy. It’s now your turn to reflect upon the subject.


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Reflection point

Reflect upon the ethical dilemma that Dr Hanna Montelin poses in the end of her video:

What risk(s) can we tolerate for the patients today in order to preserve effective antibiotics for future patients?

Find out more

Click on the link to access the article ‘The ethical significance of antimicrobial resistance’ written by Jasper Littmann. This article provides an overview of the ethical challenges that arise in the context of antimicrobial/antibiotic resistance and discusses questions, such as:

  • If equal access to last resort antibiotics leads to quicker emergence of resistance to these drugs, does that justify restricting access to those who need them most?
  • Why is antimicrobial/antibiotic resistance an ethical issue?

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