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Congratulations, you’ve now reached the end of part 4, which is also the end of this course. Well done!

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In the last part of the course, you have:

  • Got an insight into the challenges of antibiotic resistance and some global initiatives to fight antibiotic resistance.
  • Learnt what you can do as an individual to tackle antibiotic resistance.
  • Heard from our experts via the panel discussion.
  • Reflected upon the future of antibiotics, carried out two quizzes and reflected upon how to get the general public engaged in the issue of antibiotic resistance.

Reflection point

At the start of the course we asked you to reflect on how antibiotic resistance is portrayed in the media. Now, please reflect upon the following questions:

  • Has your perception and approach to antibiotic resistance changed?
  • Do you plan to apply what you’ve learned in this course in your daily life?

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