Course: Antibiotic Resistance - The Silent Tsunami  –  Part 2

Reflection and analysis: optimizing antibiotic use on poultry farms

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In part two of the course, you have been introduced to how antibiotics often are used in animal farming. In this section, we would like you to reflect upon potential bottlenecks that might hinder optimization and reduction of such use in low- and middle-income countries.

Photo: Kelly Siikkema, Unsplash

Reflection and analysis

You are employed to optimize the use of antibiotics in the poultry industry of low-income country A. Ideally, you would like to end all growth promotion and prophylactic use of antibiotics. Please reflect upon what complicating factors (scientific, practical, economical, juridical, political etc) you may encounter and thus need to consider and adapt to. Try to identify potential obstacles both at individual farm-level and on societal level and compare the situation to a similar intervention that you do in high-income country B.

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