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Games and quizzes

Educational games and quizzes can be a fun way to enhance learning and teach about antibiotic resistance.

Online games and quizzes about bacteria, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance have been developed for both children and professionals. Check out some examples below!

Selected Resources

Games and quizzes

Resource Description
No antibiotics in our food (PDF 264 KB) A chutes and ladders educational board game on antibiotics in food production. A family friendly game from ReAct that can be printed.
Antibiotic awareness resources: quizzes and crosswords Quizzes and crosswords about antibiotic resistance for the public, healthcare prescribers and pharmacists.
Antibiotic Use Quiz The quiz assesses your current knowledge on antibiotic use and resistance, as part of the Be Antibiotics Aware initiative, developed by the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).
Game Dr.: Bacteria Combat A gaming app, which teaches its players about antibiotic resistance and the different bacteria types which live in the human body. The app is intended for primary students and is currently available in the App store and Google Play.
Fight Germs! A game designed mainly for children where germs are washed away with soap under time pressure and scores are calculated.

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