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Food animals

This section provides resources and tools to measure the prevalence, spread and impact of diseases in animals. You can also find links to selected data sources and relevant reports.

Diseases are one of the key constraints to animal productivity and use of antibiotics is often the treatment of choice without proper prior diagnosis. Therefore understanding which diseases are highly prevalent or lead farmers to decide to use antibiotics helps to design interventions for prevention and with that remove an important driver of antibiotic consumption in animal production.

Mapping key diseases

There are different methods to know which are the key diseases in the first place. Systematic literature reviews give a good indication on what diseases are likely to be of importance in a certain setting. Surveillance data collected at national level give an indication on occurrence of important transboundary or zoonotic diseases, but may not include production diseases. Multi-pathogen prevalence studies help to generate reliable data on various pathogens, but will not give reliable insights on impact of the diseases and what livestock keepers do in response to occurrence. Participatory tools can address this and complement prevalence surveys.

The resources below have been sorted into the following tables:

  • Prioritization/monitoring of animal diseases
  • Databases and reports

Selected Resources

Prioritize/monitoring of animal diseases

Resource Description
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Databases and reports

Resource Description
World livestock 2013: changing disease landscapes Report that explores the changing disease landscape by applying the three-tiered Pressure-State-Response framework, which includes discussions on economic and social developments, climate change and the need for sustainable development and development of a One Health approach.
Impact of animal diseases on meat and milk production in the world Factsheet describing the consequences of animal diseases on poor farmers in numbers.
Surveillance reports of infectious diseases in animals and humans in Sweden Reports: Example of country work – Annual update on the surveillance activities carried out in Sweden, for animal diseases and zoonotic agents in humans, food, feed and animals.

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