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Raise Awareness  –  Inspirational examples

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week

Join the yearly world campaign to spread the word and promote action on antibiotic resistance!

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) is an annual global campaign that takes place in November. The goal is to improve awareness and understanding of antimicrobial use and resistance and encourage best practices among health workers, the public, food producers, farmers, veterinarians, and policymakers.

The WHO launched “World Antibiotic Awareness Week” in 2015 to raise global awareness and promote action to halt the emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The campaign was rebranded as “World Antimicrobial Awareness Week” in 2020. Learn about the difference between antimicrobials and antibiotics here.

WAAW has a new theme every year, but the overall slogan for raising awareness remains: Antimicrobials: Handle with care. This message reflects that antibiotics are valuable and non-renewable medicines that should only be used when necessary.

During WAAW 2021, WHO launched a color campaign – “Go Blue” – to bring global visibility to the issue. Go blue graphics and campaign ideas can be found on the WHO homepage .

Many countries, governments, civil society organizations, human, and animal healthcare providers have joined the campaign. Every year, a myriad of activities are organized around the world.

Sharing stories about resistant bacteria, honoring community antimicrobial heroes, “going blue”, working with schools to train younger generations, and spreading the message are just a few examples.

Visit the sites below for more information about past activities and get some inspiration!

  • Hong Kong developed a campaign calling on healthcare professionals and the general public to pledge to use antibiotics responsibly – The “I Pledge Campaign”.
  • Myanmar set up three public events in 2021 to reach out to livestock farmers, importers, and producers. WOAH communication materials were used to promote rational use of antibiotics and good farming practices.
  • WHO Regional Office for Africa launched an initiative that features an annual event where partners and governments discuss ways to strengthen governance and their role in combating antibiotic resistance.
  • WHO, FAO, and WOAH (founded as OIE) developed a wall that gathered past awareness activities from around the globe.
  • ReAct has organized and participated in webinars on antibiotic resistance, governance, and National Action Plans, as well as community workshops and media activities such as the WHO “Go-blue” campaign. Learn more about ReAct activities for WAAW.

Will you Go Blue for antimicrobial resistance? 

ReAct Europe’s office in central Uppsala, Sweden, joined the WHO campaign Go Blue in 2021. Photo: Danish Saroee, Roundshot Photo.

Selected Resources


Resource Description
World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) Toolkit Campaign site of the Quadripartite (WHO, FAO, UNEP, and WOAH) that provides resources and campaign material to facilitate activities during WAAW, such as infographics, logos,  factsheets, multi-media materials, and additional resources per sector.
WAAW Campaign guide Guidance. This resource provides the public, professionals, facilitators, and policy-makers with ideas, activities, and tools to help them create projects in their own communities. It was developed by the Quadripartite (WHO, FAO, UNEP, and WOAH).


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