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Understand  –  Bacteria

Essential for human life

The first thing to learn about bacteria is that most are beneficial and do not cause disease. They play essential roles in many environments, including the human body.

The microbiota

An adult human is colonized with many hundreds of bacterial species, and the total microbial biomass in an average adult is approximately 0.2 kg. Bacteria and other microorganisms in the body make up the human microbiota or normal flora. The majority is located in the gastrointestinal tract, but all surfaces in contact with the environment are colonized, that is, the skin, upper respiratory tract and genital tract. The microbiota co-exist with the human host and have many important functions.

Most bacteria are good for us

The bacteria in our bodies help degrade the food we eat, help make nutrients available to us and neutralize toxins, to name a few examples. Also, the microbiota play an essential role in the defense against infections by protecting the colonized surfaces from invading pathogens.

Recent years have seen an increase in the studies of microbes in the body and their genomes (DNA). It is becoming more and more evident that these microbes are important for human health, but also disease. Inflammatory bowel disease, gastric ulcers, colonic cancer and obesity are examples of conditions for which the composition of the microbiota has been indicated to play a role.

Below is a set of resources where you can learn more about microbes in the body and their importance for us.

Selected Resources

Resource Description
All you wanted to know about microbes but were afraid to ask… – The human microbiome (PDF) Fact sheet from ReAct about the microbiome, and the effects antibiotics have on it. Also available in Spanish (El microbioma humano, PDF).
Your Microbial Friends Interactive tool to explore the human microbiome (Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah).
The invisible universe of the human microbiome Short animated movie about the microbiome from npr (5 min).
The human microbiome and what we do to it Movie about the microbiome from NPS MedicineWise, expert comments by Prof. D. Relman, Stanford University (5 min).
Microbiome: Your body houses 10x more bacteria than cells Picture slideshow and text about the human microbiome by the Discover Magazine.
Fine Reading: There Is No ‘Healthy’ Microbiome Blog post discussing our unique microbiomes (original opinion by Ed Yong in the New York Times).

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