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Videos can be a great supplement to awareness raising initiatives. Good videos capture the audience's attention while delivering a message that they will remember.

A variety of videos exists on the topic of antibiotics and resistance, a few which can be found in the resource table below. Throughout the Toolbox you can find a number of additional videos explaining specific topics in more detail that may also be useful for educational purposes.

Save the script – A short film competition to raise awareness about antibiotic resistance

In 2015, the world’s largest short film festival Tropfest arranged a short film competition on antibiotic resistance together with NPS MedicineWise. The challenge was to create a short film or community service announcement of maximum 45 seconds to increase public awareness about the global health threat antibiotic resistance poses. The organizers provided information and facts about antibiotic resistance, encouraging participating filmmakers to learn key points about the issue and be creative in spreading the word further. Winners were selected from around the world and awarded cash prices. See the Top 15 finalists here.

Selected Resources

Resource Description

7 things you do not want to share – keep your hands clean!

Video (30 s). Hand hygiene video in support of WHO’s annual “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands” global campaign, developed by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
What causes antibiotic resistance – Kevin Wu Video (4.5 min). The basics of antibiotic resistance in an easy to understand animated video. Also available in Spanish.
Ô les mains dance videos Videos (1-5 min). Dance videos that illustrate how to wash your hands.
Videos in clinical medicine. Hand hygiene Video (14 min) that demonstrates when to use hand hygiene, the techniques and equipment, including the appropriate use of gloves. By the New England Journal of Medicine.

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