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Engaging civil society organisations

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15 November 2012

ReAct CSO (Civil Society Organisations) Project, Global Meeting in Cuenca, Ecuador

Delegates from around the world will gather in Cuenca, Ecuador from 15-17 November 2012 to take part in the first global meeting of ReAct´s CSO Project.

The meeting will be hosted by ReAct Latin America and the Child to Child Centre, Ecuador. Participants include representatives from the project teams in Latin America (Ecuador and Nicaragua), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand), Africa (Ghana) and Sweden (Uppsala), project consultants and the ReAct International Secretariat.cso_motet_cuenca_huvudbild

This meeting is the first of three annual global meetings and is as part of the three-year project aimed at sharing project experiences and progress in the various regions and countries. The Cuenca meeting will allow participants to get an update on project implementation in Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and ReAct Uppsala; to share experiences and lessons learned, as well as plan for year two of the project.

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