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Join React Latin America Empowered Communities Meeting Series in November!

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Antibiotic resistance is a serious public health concern that affects humans, animals and the environment alike. Confronting this challenge is a task that involves all of society. For this reason, ReAct Latin America, PAHO and South Centre presents the "Empowered Communities Meeting Series to tackle AMR in Latin America and the Caribbean".

The initiative aims to engage all sectors of society with a special focus on organized communities. On the 3rd of November ReAct Latin America will host an online celebration and meeting in honor of One Health Day, followed by virtual and physical meetings on the 15th, 16th and 17th of November. These meetings foster dialogue between diverse and hopeful voices from different perspectives with the same goal: to improve health for all. Learn more and register to join!

The meeting series encourages community indigenous representatives, academics and artists, human, animal and environmental health workers to join. Together we share evidence, knowledge and practices from our different experiences about health – to address antibiotic resistance. This will be done through an open, cheerful, and hopeful dialogue where art, music, stories, and dance are also present.

The meetings are free of charge and will be held in Spanish and translated into English and Portuguese.

Meeting 1: One Health Day Webinar: Human, Animal and Environmental Health

Date: November 3

Time: 09:00-11:30 a.m. (Ecuador)

Commemorating One Health Day is an opportunity to promote mobilization and action in support of health and human and planetary life using indigenous community practices, academic knowledge and human and planetary interconnectivity to tackle AMR. Through open and inclusive dialogue, the participants will converse about how to establish commitment and united action and why this is important.

The meeting will include:

  • Interesting discussions and presentations on One health, AMR and Community wisdom from health professionals.
  • Dialogues on challenges and perspectives in caring for the health of the planet.
  • Artistic presentations and videos from the youth.

Meeting 2: Food as Medicine – Healing bodies, lands and communities

Date: 15th November, 2023

The second meeting discusses food, nutrition and antimicrobial Resistance in commemoration of World Food Day. Modern agricultural production advances allow for the production of large quantities of food. At the same time, we can not negate the environmental impact that large-scale agricultural production and use of agrotoxic chemicals, fertilizers and antibiotics entails. World Food Day is an opportunity to promote local agrifood systems that support production of diverse and healthy foods that are accessible for the entire community. The meeting’s objective is to share knowledge and insights on healthy food production, distribution, preparation and consumption practices in the region.

The meeting will include:

  • Presentations on healthy food production, distribution, preparation and consumption practices.
  • Sharing perspectives on food as medicine for our bodies and communities.
  • Artistic presentations and videos.

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Meeting 3: Community education and communication strategies to address AMR

Date:16th November

The third meeting discusses how we can learn to care for antimicrobials in our community and the importance of education and communication to optimize the use of antimicrobials in the community from a One Health perspective The United Nations considers antibiotic resistance one of the “most urgent health problems of global dimension”; for this reason, education and communication intervention strategies become central to the necessary imperative of improving responsible use of antibiotics which requires an integral approach engaging the health sector, schools and communities together to seek change in how we care for the health of the planet.

The meeting will include:

  • Presentations on education-communication experiences for the appropriate use of antimicrobials from a One Health perspective.
  • Community dialogue: Why do people buy medicines without a prescription? What alternative community practices exist?
  • Artistic presentations and musical performance.

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