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ReAct activities for World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022

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To act on antibiotic resistance, ReAct will arrange and participate in activities during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022. You find a mix of various events and engagements - such as empowering communities meeting, online campaigns, awareness walk, poster competitions, webinars and launch of videos. ReAct will engage students, community leaders, policy makers and civil society organizations. ReAct will also engage in the WHO Go-blue for AMR campaign and much more. You find all ReAct World Antimicrobial Awareness Week activities below.

Go Blue – ReAct Europe office in 2021. Photo: Danish Saroee, Uppsala, Sweden.

Will you Go Blue for antimicrobial resistance? You can do this but lightning buildings, but you can also to this online using the blue color and material from WHO, use blue t-shirts or a blue social media header.

 Learn more about the WHO global color campaign for World Antimicrobial Awareness Week and find material!

ReAct Africa

AMR Couch Conversation

A series of seven short interviews featuring some of the key voices in the global health area of antimicrobial resistance. The videos have thematic areas such as: One Health, production of antibiotics, different country perspectives. The interviews were recorded during ReAct Africa Conference in July this year.


Student competitions. Photo essay and video. Winners will be announced during awareness week. Arranged in collaboration with Ministry of Health, Kenya, Kenyatta University and ReAct Africa.

Student Against Superbugs and AMR Leaderships Program will participate in the student competition.


Student Debate Rounds. National debate on social media and local prime time TV and radio, this before awareness week. Led by Ministry of Health, Zambia and Antimicrobial Resistance Coordinating Committee (ARMCC).

21 November. AMR-awareness Walk in Lusaka. Arranged by Ministry of Health Zambia, Antimicrobial Resistance Coordinating Committee (AMRCC) and  ReAct Africa.

ReAct Asia Pacific


ReAct Asia Pacific collaborations:

12 October. Media briefing by WHO and Ministry of Health – has generated several media articles, all in Indonesian language.

18-14 November. The Concerned and Caring Parents Foundation (YOP) will conduct a social media campaign on its Instagram account.

22 November. Ministry of Agriculture and Quadripartite (WHO, WOAH, FAO, UNEP) is arranging a talk show and a press conference. The talk show will discuss antimicrobial resistance from the perspectives of the private sector, specifically poultry industry companies (both multinational and local companies operating in Indonesia). The event will be held in hybrid format, the Zoom version will be live streamed through YouTube in Indonesian language. The event will start at 9 AM GMT + 7.

A media conference will be held after the talk show, Vida Parady, Communications Officer, ReAct Asia Pacific will moderate this conference.


ASPIC Photography Competition Result Announcement. The competition was launched in mid-October. Date of announcement yet to be announced.

18 November. Announcement of winners of ReAct-FAO scientific poster competition.

18 November. Media webinar organized jointly by ReAct Asia Pacific and ReAct Africa. Time: 12.00 – 1.30pm GMT

  • Announcement of winners of ReAct-FAO scientific poster competition.
  • Release of communication products for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’s campaign to “Reduce the Need for Antimicrobials in Agri-food Systems”.
  • Panel discussion followed by Q & A with:
    – Dr Emmaneul Kabali, Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)
    – Dr Bashiru Boi Kikimoto, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana
    – Dr B Sunil, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Kerala
    – Dr Philip Mathew, International Center for Antimicrobial Resistance Solutions
    Moderator; Satya Sivaraman, Senior Journalist. Click to register for media webinar.

The webinar is part of the “Seeding and Scaling One Health Awareness and Action on AMR” collaborative project between ReAct and FAO.

23 November. Kerala Antimicrobial Resistance Meet 2022: One Health Response to antimicrobial resistance, Thrissur, Kerala. College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Kerala, along with ReAct Asia Pacific and Indian Veterinary Association, Mannuthy Unit, Kerala, is organizing a One Health meeting to revive the awareness and much-needed focus on antimicrobial resistance.

ReAct Europe


17 November. Antibiotikaforum by the Swedish Public Health Agency. ReAct is part of the collaboration group on antibiotic resistance for Swedish Agencies. ReAct will present itself shortly during the day. More about the day in Swedish.

18 November. Uppsala University will release a film portraying Professor Otto Cars, Founder of ReAct. The film: Antibiotic resistance – the silent pandemic – is 15 minutes long and will be uploaded to the Uppsala University Youtube Channel. Uppsala University will also create a digital collection of articles about antibiotic resistance in context of the release.

18 November. Professor Otto Cars, founder ReAct, will speak and be part of panel in a meeting held by Oxford University. Other speakers are Hanan Balkhy, Assistant Director-General AMR World Health Organization and Jim O’Neill, Economist. The meeting will be shared on the Oxford University Youtube Channel during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week.

24-25 November. Anna Sjöblom, Director ReAct Europe will speak on 24 November (in person, not digital) at Uppsala Antibiotic Days by Uppsala Antibiotic Center, Uppsala University. ReAct will also present itself with a poster at the conference.

Podcast. Maria Pränting, Scientific Officer will talk about the project Antibiotic Smart Sweden in Uppsala Antibiotic Center’s podcast.

ReAct Latin America

27 October. Dancing with bacteria – a musical with 10 movements – every movement is an interaction between humans and bacteria for example microbioal world. This is part of the Empowered Communities concept of ReAct Latin America. The musical was launched in Quito, Ecuador. Parts of the musical will be shared during the Empowered Communities Meeting 17-18 November.

3 November (One Health World Day). Walking towards Empowered Communities. Social movement and governments – dialogue. This is the first set for the Empowered Communities.

17-18 November. Empowered communities with PAHO, Florida International University and South Centre. form to register and participate. All can join. Spanish and will be translated into English and Portuguese. Learn more and register to the the meeting days.

Social media and media campaign. Through ReAct Latin America’s own channels and the communication networks of partner organizations, messages related to the need to reduce the use of antibiotics in agri-food systems, and community participation in the implementation of National Action Plans will be shared.

Folder with material for journalist. Published on ReAct Latin America website.

Campaign in collaboration with FAO in the region. Focusing on food system and use of antibiotics in food systems.

Go Blue. Cuenca Municipality, Mar del Plata University, University of Cuenca will turn on blue light in some buildings in the city of Cuenca and universities.

ReAct North America

17-19 November. Global Youth AMR Summit. Release of Innovate4Health winners – 16 finalist teams will be sharing their innovative ideas for tackling emerging infectious diseases in a virtual poster session from 21 November. Five of those teams will also present at the Global AMR Youth Summit on Saturday, November 19, 8-9:30 am US ET.

Click to register for the Summit.

Click to join Saturday’s session.

Here you can view a map with the teams profiles and where they are from.

Anthony So, Director ReAct North America will also speak at the summit.

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