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World Health Summit – Innovating to tackle antibiotic resistance

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Antibacterial resistance (ABR) is recognized as a critical priority and a global threat that needs urgent action. The soaring number of antibiotic-resistant infections is putting global health security at stake risking the attainment of the UN Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and maintenance of global health gains. To highlight the urgent need for radical innovation, Duke University and ReAct/Uppsala University are jointly organizing a workshop during the 5th World Heath Summit in Berlin on October 20-22 entitled: Innovating to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance: A Grand Challenge for a Complex System.

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The workshop that takes place on the 22nd of October as part of the Evidence to Policy Track has the following main objectives:

  • highlight the multi-sectorial interventions required to address ABR;
  • explore the roles and responsibilities that universities, academies and professional organizations can play in shaping the world’s response to ABR linking the science to social and political action; and
  • suggest ways in which the academic community might stimulate innovation and access by supporting both research and development of antimicrobial medicines and the development of new models for distribution and use of them in the healthcare systems.

The Workshop Program

Welcome and Introduction from ReAct. Otto Cars. Executive Director and Chairman, ReAct-Action on Antibiotic Resistance, Uppsala University, Sweden.

The 3Rs for Tackling Antibiotic Resistance: Sharing Resources, Risks and Rewards. Anthony So. Director, Program on Global Health and Technology Access, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University, US.

The Challenge Of Ensuring Access But Not Excess Antibiotics. Eva Ombaka. Founder, Sustainable Health Care Foundation. Kenya.

Mobilizing Communities and Universities to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance: Participatory Action Research and Innovation. Arturo Quizphe. Former Dean, University of Cuenca School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. Ecuador.

Bridging Perspectives. John-Arne Røttingen. Professor of Health Policy, Department of Health Management and Health Economics. University of Oslo. Norway.

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