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ReAct activities for World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020

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During World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2020, ReAct will arrange and participate in a various set of activities - most online due to COVID-19. The activities will mainly be arranged from Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific. ReAct will engage with students, engage for children, hold or participate in webinars focusing on antibiotic resistance and for example cancer, innovation and National Action Plans. ReAct will also arrange various types of online engagement: community workshops, media workshops, civil society meetings and much more. We have listed all activities below.

ReAct Africa

ReAct Africa is joining a twitterchat organized by African Union and Africa CDC. Photo: African Union, Africa CDC.
  • Students competition. Photo-essay and 1 min-video. Winner to be announced 21 November – at a physical meeting which will be broadcasted as a webinar. Link to register to the webinar.
  • ReAct Africa video with support of CDC Africa. Showcasing civil society organizations’ work in Africa.
  • 17 November: Online Event by CSIS. AMR: Moving from National Action Plans to National Action, Mirfin Mpundu, Director, ReAct Africa, in panel. Register here.
  • 21 November: Twitter chat by Africa CDC.  Mirfin Mpundu, Director ReAct Africa in panel. Learn more about the chat and how to join.
  • Become an Antibiotic Guardian Africa. Choose one simple pledge about how you’ll make better use of antibiotics and help conserve these vital medicines. Share this with others too.


Contact for more information: Musonda Lambada

ReAct Asia Pacific

From YOP’s social media campaign in Indonesia 2020.


  • 18 November. Media briefing – Antibiotic use in food production (booklets+media workshop). WHO and FAO Indonesia will participate.
  • Digital campaign during November (mainly Instagram). General campaign with YOP. Campaign focuses on antibiotic resistance and children. YOP on Instagram
  • Webinar for parents. Antibiotic resistance and children. Arranged with YOP.


  • 18 November UICC webinar. Sujith J Chandy, Director, ReAct Asia Pacific presents at UICC webinar. Register here.
  • 19 November. Talk show. ReAct Asia Pacific will attend a talk show on antimicrobial resistance at a local  radio station. This is being done as an awareness raising initiative to reach a larger population.
  • Student competition photography. Winners will be announced. The annual Photography competition, organized by ReAct Asia Pacfic under the ASPIC banner, is accepting entries until 20 November.The competition is being promoted by Radio Mirchi, a network of FM stations in India.
  • 20-22 November. Workshop. Philip Mathew,  ReAct Asia Pacific will be co-leading a workshop titled “A global challenge within a local perspective, adapting to local contexts” during the AMR Youth Summit organized by World Health Students’ Alliance. Almost 2400 students are expected to participate.
  • 23 November. A mini “Kerala One Health Summit”. A virtual mini “Kerala One Health Summit” is being planned. This will be organized by ReAct Asia Pacific, with support from theIndian Veterinary Association. ReAct Asia Pacific will be releasing a comic book on antimicrobial resistance, the malayalam version of AMR-dictionary and a poultry farmers toolkit on biosecurity at the event.
  • Panel discussion on YouTube. Philip Mathew, ReAct Asia Pacific will feature in an online panel discussion on antimicrobial resistance, hosted by the local chapter of International Veterinary Students Association. It will be released in parts via Youtube, during 18-24 November 2020.


Contact for more information: India: Philip Mathew Indonesia: Vida Parady

ReAct Europe

  • 17 November. Webinar. Fixing the antibiotic innovation pipeline. Online discussion hosted by the MEP Interest Group on AMR. Helle Aagaard, ReAct Asia Pacific in panel. Register here.
  • 20 November. Release of report. Newborns, sepsis and antibiotic resistance.
  • 24 November. Webinar. Antibiotic Resistance: solutions to a multi-faceted problem. Webinar outlining the challenges of antibiotic resistance and exploring the possible solutions with business as the driving force for change.Hosted by Axfoundation and Prosperous Planet. Helle Aagaard, Deputy Director, ReAct Europe in panel. Register here.
  • Online campaign. Newsletter, website, social media.


Contact for more information: Therese Holm

ReAct Latin America

From ReAct Latin America campaign in 2020.
  • 18-24 November. National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety, SENASAG. International Seminar of the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands. Antibiotics in farm animals and agriculture. Advance towards sustainable agri-food systems? Latin America, Eldorado Misiones, Argentina, Chimaltenango, Guatemala, Ecuador basin, Rosario, Argentina, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • 18-24 November. Community awareness workshops in Peru. Arranged with Peasant Confederation of Peru “Justiniano Minaya Sosa”.
  • 19 November. A man who loves all his bacteria. Launch of an illustrated interview. Chair of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Central University of Ecuador. Universidad Mayor San Andrés, Bolivia. ReAct Latin America.
  • 19-20 November. Understanding and changing our behaviors to address antibiotic resistance (international webinar). Pan American Health Organization, PAHO, USA.
  • 20-23 November. Congress. Congress of General Medicine Health Teams and Meetings with the Community. Argentine Federation of General Practitioners, FAMG, Argentina.
  • 24 November. Child to Child Webinar. Development, contribution in participatory methodologies of children of different ages, in all communities, all over the world. Experiences and testimonies.
  • 24 November. Social empowerment to improve the use of medicines. Chair of Pharmacology, Central University of Ecuador. International Society for the Improvement of the Use of Antibiotics, ISIUM. ReAct Latin America.
  • Launch 4 booklets (Spanish). What is an antibiotic smart community? How to involve community and and civil society organizations to use booklets in their work.
  • Participate in Congress of Medical Federation of Argentina. ReAct Latin America will be one of the speakers: antibiotic resistance and how to improve health of the people.
  • Online campaign. Newsletter, website, social media.


Contact for more information: Juan-Carlos Lopez

ReAct North America

Innovate4AMR finalists from 2020. Photo: ReAct North America.

Innovate4Health. Winning teams will be announced. Partnering with IFMSA.

20-22 November. ReAct North America will present at IFMSA Youth Summit.


Contact for more information: Prateek Sharma

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