News and Opinions  –  2016

ReAct publishes a Stakeholder Mapping for antibiotic resistance together with the World Health Organization

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30 March 2016

With a growing number of organizations beginning to work on antibiotic resistance, there is an increased need to better coordinate and align ongoing initiatives with those of other stakeholders. Therefore, ReAct Europe has produced a comprehensive stakeholder mapping for organizations that work in the field of AMR.

From ReAct Europe – Action on Antibiotic Resistance
From ReAct Europe – Action on Antibiotic Resistance

This stakeholder mapping was commissioned by the World Health Organization and covers more than 70 organizations and initiatives across a number of sectors, including policy, advocacy, surveillance, research and funding. ReAct’s stakeholder mapping helps stakeholders to identify potential partners and allies, by providing the most detailed overview of actors in the field of antibiotic resistance to date. The stakeholder mapping can be downloaded and will be valuable resource for policy makers, civil society organizations and health professionals who work on issues related to antibiotic resistance.

To access full document, AMR Stakeholder Mapping, please click here (PDF).