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Join ReAct Africa and South Center Conference 2023!

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This year, the ReAct Africa and South Centre Conference reconvenes in Lusaka, Zambia from 14-16 August and promises to provide a richer and worthwhile experience.

ReAct Africa and South Centre have successfully brought together key stakeholders from different countries and sectors to share experiences and best practices in the development and implementation of the National Action Plans on AMR.

As with previous conferences, this forum will employ a One Health approach to convene high-level policymakers from human health, animal health and environmental AMR experts, researchers, members of societies, civil society representatives from different African countries as well as intergovernmental agencies. Representatives from the Quadripartite (FAO, UNEP, WHO, and WOAH), Africa CDC, government, non-government organizations, and academia among others will be present.


This year, the forum reconvenes in Lusaka, Zambia 14-16 August and promises to provide a richer and worthwhile experience.

Leave no one behind: Advancing One Health Antimicrobial Resistance National Action Plans implementation in Africa

  • The Annual AMR regional conference continues to address implementation of National Action Plans on AMR in Africa, this year focusing on NAP 2.0 and progress.
  • The conference will also focus on often overlooked areas including: Gender and AMR, AMR & Environment/waste management, Youth work, Faith sector in AMR and CSO advocacy among others.
  • The conference will have a scientific session and high level panel with the Quadripartite.

Since 2016, ReAct Africa has held an annual conference that brings together key people from multiple countries and civil society organizations to not only share experiences and best practices, but also the obstacles and failures, to support each other in the development of National Action Plans. From 2018, ReAct Africa has partnered with South Centre to co-host the annual region conferences.

The conference is free of charge.

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