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Student Kyembe: I learned a lot joining both the ReAct Africa conference and the AMR Leadership Program

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- I have always been passionate about global health, particularly antimicrobial resistance and innovations in health, says newly graduated medical student Student Kyembe Ignitius Salachi from Zambia. He has joined both the ReAct Africa Leadership Program and the ReAct Africa Conference. He is looking forward to joining the conference this year as well.

How did you get to know about the ReAct Africa Conference and eventually attend?

–  I have always been passionate about global health, particularly antimicrobial resistance and innovations in health. In May last year I came across a student competition held by the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Animal Organization in collaboration with ReAct Africa. I won second prize and was invited to do a poster presentation at the ReAct Africa Conference which was held in Lusaka, Zambia 25 -27 July 2022.

What was your experience at the ReAct Africa Conference last year?

– My experience at the conference exceeded my expectations in every way! The lineup of speakers was impressive, with renowned experts in the field delivering insightful and thought-provoking presentations.I had ample networking opportunities as a student to connect with professionals who share a common passion for advancing global health.

As a student, what elements of the conference impacted you the most? What was your key takeaway from the conference?

– One of the most significant takeaways from the conference was the importance of collaboration and cross-disciplinary approaches in addressing the challenges faced in our industry. The discussions and presentations emphasized the need for innovative solutions and the power of partnerships.

–  I also learned about emerging trends and best practices that I can apply in my work to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in when addressing antimicrobial resistance.

What are your key learnings from ReAct Africa’s youth engagement program, the AMR Leadership Program?

– My key learning from the AMR Leadership Program are:

–  Building leadership skills – the program  provided opportunities to develop my leadership skills, teamwork and time management.

–  Networking and collaboration – I learned about the benefits of connecting with like-minded peers, building partnerships, and working together to address common challenges.

– Advocacy and civic Engagement – I also learned about different ways to advocate for change, engage with policymakers, and contribute to community development.

– Empowerment and confidence – participating in the program empowered me and increased my confidence ability to make a difference.

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