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Four key points from joint comments to One Health Global Leaders Group on AMR

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Last week 24 civil society groups signed the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition's comments on establishment of a One Health Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Photo: Helloquence, Unsplash.

Antibiotic Resistance Coalition’s (ARC) welcomed the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed Terms of Reference on the establishment of a One Health Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance.

ARC recommend the Tripartite Secretariat on AMR on taking up the Inter-Agency Coordination Group on AMR (IACG) recommendations and beginning the process of laying out the foundation for future global governance and coordination for addressing AMR.

Four key points from joint comments:

  • GLG should be accountable to Member States and driven by Member States, with multilateral agencies in an advisory – not leading – role.
  • The discussions of the GLG must be complemented by the IACG-proposed Independent Panel on Evidence for Action Against Antimicrobial Resistance and the Multi-stakeholder Partnership Platform.
  • The GLG must have concrete goals. With this in mind, all stakeholders can see who has the competencies/expertise required to achieve the goals. Similarly, we all could see who has conflicts of interests that would hinder achieving the GLG’s goals.
  • Raised the environment as an important consideration for the GLG on AMR to champion.

Read full comments from ARC.

In line with the feedback by ARC, ReAct Europe also submitted feedback. Read full comments from ReAct Europe.

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