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Free online course: Antibiotic resistance: The Silent Tsunami

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The free online course “Antibiotic Resistance: the Silent Tsunami” introduces the concepts of antibiotic resistance and what actions are needed to meet this global health threat.

Understand antibiotic resistance and how to take action

Over the four weeks of the course, you will:

  • learn about the mechanisms behind the emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • gain insight into the current situation, and take part of real-life stories told by patients, doctors, and other experts.

This knowledge will help you to understand what challenges we are facing, but also what preventative actions and other control mechanisms we can implement to limit the impact of antibiotic resistance on our society.

Examine the development and use of antibiotics worldwide

Misuse of antibiotics worldwide has eroded their efficacy and antibiotic-resistant bacteria rapidly emerge and spread across the globe. At the same time, the pipeline of new antibiotics is now almost dry.

As we progress through the weeks, we will also discuss:

  • the modest development of new antibiotics
  • the urgent need for innovation
  • the dilemma of how to simultaneously address the access to and the excessive use of antibiotics in low- and middle-income countries.

This course will give you the tools to understand how antibiotic resistance unfolds, and how it can best be managed, controlled and prevented at both the societal and individual level.

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for members of the public, students, health professionals or other experts who want to gain a broader understanding of antibiotic resistance and what actions are needed to meet this global health threat. A glossary will be provided to help those who are new to the subject understand scientific words and concepts.

“Antibiotic Resistance: the Silent Tsunami” starts on Monday 3 October.

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The course is hosted by FutureLearn and has been developed by ReAct and Uppsala University.