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ReAct is hiring! Are you our new Director for ReAct Asia Pacific?

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ReAct – Action on Antibiotic Resistance is a global network working to catalyze global, national and local action on antibiotic resistance. Founded in 2005, ReAct was one of the first actors to articulate the complex nature of antibiotic resistance and its drivers, and to promote a holistic approach to engaging all of society in tackling this global health threat. ReAct is now looking for a visionary and experienced director to lead the work of the ReAct Asia Pacific node.

ReAct has a long history working with academia translating science into policy, as well as working in low- and middle-income countries through engaging local communities, health care sector as well as other parts of society in piloting local solutions.

ReAct address antibiotic resistance from a rights-based perspective, advocate for global solutions and interventions that are effective and implementable in resource scarce contexts – to ensure that everyone everywhere have access to effective antibiotics.

In 2023 ReAct started to implement its new strategic plan which focuses on both global, regional and national policy change, implementation of national action plans, community engagement and improving global access to new and existing antibiotics.

Are you our new Director for ReAct Asia Pacific?

ReAct is now looking for a visionary and experienced director to lead the work of the ReAct Asia Pacific node.

  • As Director of ReAct Asia Pacific, you set out the direction and have a strong strategic sense for how to best catalyze action on antibiotic resistance at different levels of society in the region. As part of ReAct’s global leaders group, develop the strategic direction for the full network to ensure that ReAct continues to play a strategic role in global efforts to address antibiotic resistance in the future.
  • You will be managing a partly decentralized team and be responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of RAPs activities in the region, ensuring coherence of such activities with the work of the global network and with ReAct’s overarching strategic plan 2023-26. Moreover, you are responsible for ensuring that projects are delivered within the specified time-frame and budget.
  • As Director, you will be responsible for the development of new partnerships and the extension of ReAct’s existing network. As such you are able to liaise and work with a broad set of actors including civil society organizations as well as regional and national governments to drive antibiotic resistance up the political agenda.

Main responsibilities

  • Establish the new main nodal office of ReAct Asia Pacific in the region, including hiring of staff. The exact geographical location will be decided together with the selected candidate by ReAct Global Leaders Group.
  • Together with ReAct’s Global Leaders Group continue to develop the strategy for ReAct’s presence and work in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Manage and oversee the work of a partly decentralized team with some existing staff members working out of India and Indonesia.
  • Participate in the governance and setting the strategic direction for the whole ReAct network as a member of ReAct’s Global Leadership Group.
  • Plan, implement, evaluate and report on regional activities of the projects outlined in the annual work plans that have been commonly developed in line with ReAct’s overall Strategic Plan;
  • Participate in quarterly and annual financial and narrative follow-up sessions organized by the ReAct grant managing office, which are ReAct’s core instrument for monitoring, evaluation and learning;
  • Maintain communication with other ReAct nodes/offices and the Global Leadership Group
  • Formulate and execute fundraising strategies and mobilize both financial and in-kind resources for projects and activities
  • Train staff on the principles of risk management, risk assessment and on how to implement risk management effectively.
  • Ensure financial and project administration within the frameworks decided upon by the Global Leadership Group or by donors.
  • Act as a link and representative of ReAct to its members, partners, donor agencies and the public.

Qualification requirements

  • University degree or similar in for example global health, political science, medicine, microbiology or similar.
  • At least 7 years of relevant experience in global health policy and advocacy work
  • Experience in political advocacy (politicians, policy makers, non governmental organizations and international multilateral organizations like the WHO)
  • Extensive knowledge of the antibiotic resistance field from science, policy, community work or related perspective
  • Documented management experience with financial, personnel and operational responsibilities
  • Excellent communication skills in English – written and spoken

Preferred merits

  • Experience of leading and motivating employees in a multi-professional, multi-cultural and decentralized organization
  • Experience in start-ups/building up an office or similar
  • Experience from resource mobilization/fundraising

Please apply at the latest on Monday August 21 by submitting your CV and a motivation letter to:


For any questions regarding the position please write:
(please note that due to summer holidays during July response time may be longer)

We welcome candidates based in any country in the Asia-Pacific region to apply, but especially encourage applicants based in low- and middle-income countries.

This position is full time (100%)

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