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Global experts acknowledge pandemic proportions of antibiotic resistance

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On Wednesday, 11 November, the Global Challenges Foundation released their first quarterly report in which Otto Cars, founder of ReAct, highlights antibiotic resistance as a pandemic and describes ReAct’s work in combating the effects on human health.

– The silent pandemic spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria has been ongoing for decades but is still not fully recognized, Otto Cars, said in an interview.

ReAct selected as highlight

The report from the Global Challenges Foundation aims at selecting and highlighting people and organisations that contribute extraordinary to fight some of the greatest global challenges in the near future. The foundation’s motivation for choosing ReAct sounds as follows:

ReAct is a great example of how long-term scientific work on multiple levels can build an understanding for one of the most important underlying threats to human health. Through a collaborative network approach ReAct has managed to contribute to a critical mass that during 2015 has resulted in a number of initiatives that are beginning to address antibiotic resistance as the global priority it should be. There is still a lot to do, but with initiatives like ReAct we could turn this challenge into something positive.

Otto Cars, founder of ReAct.

Otto Cars says:

– We are proud that ReAct has been chosen for this highlight, particularly since the report acknowledges the fact that antibiotic resistance must be seen as a major global threat. We believe that viewing antibiotic resistance from this perspective places a much needed emphasis on the need for better early warning systems, preventive measures, health system strengthening and access to effective antibiotics.

A world free from untreatable infections

ReAct network, with presence on five continents, promotes concerted action on antibiotic resistance by raising awareness and contribute to policy development to combat rising rates of drug resistance. Our vision is a world free from fear of untreatable infections.

For more information, please contact:
Otto Cars, Founder and Senior Advisor, ReAct-mail: Phone: +46 (0)7-892 02 03
Anna Zorzet, Coordinator ReAct Europe, e-mail: Phone: +46 (0)18 471 6676

Global Challenges Foundation is based in Sweden and works to raise awareness on global catastrophic risks, and to accelerate the development of global governance that can decrease them.