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Sweden’s successful approach to antibiotic resistance can be used as inspiration in other countries

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Sweden continues to offer support to other countries in the important work against antibiotic resistance. An e-learning course that showcases how Sweden is working with rational use of antibiotics will be launched on May 4, 2023, at Strama's annual network meeting, attended by Minister of Social Affairs Jakob Forssmed.


Photo: Roberto Sorin, Unsplash..

The interactive e-learning course “Strama – a working model to tackle antibiotic resistance in Sweden” is developed by the Swedish Public Health Agency and the national working group for Strama, together with ReAct and Antibiotic Smart Sweden with support from the Swedish Government.

Sweden’s initiatives for international support

Within the framework of the Swedish government assignment, the Public Health Agency of Sweden has also contributed to the development of national treatment recommendations for hospitals in Latvia which will be in place in from early 2024: These will be made available to the healthcare sector via a website and an app.

Andreas Sandgren, Head of Unit at the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

– Both of these initiatives strengthen Sweden’s international support portfolio in the area of antimicrobial resistance. The idea is that they can be used as operational support in practical work and as inspiration,” says Andreas Sandgren, Head of Unit at the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Strama: interdisciplinary teams in the health care system

Strama work involves efforts in interdisciplinary teams in the health care system. NAG-Strama, the national working group within the regions’ knowledge management for health care, is central to the exchange of knowledge and support in regional implementation.

Thomas Grenholm Tängdén
Thomas Grenholm Tängdén, Chairman of NAG Strama
Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt

– Strama has played an important role in Sweden’s work on the responsible use of antibiotics since the 1990s. “Compared to other countries, we have a good situation with a low incidence of resistant bacteria,” says Thomas Tängdén, chairman of NAG Strama and Medical Advisor ReAct.

Antimicrobial resistance high on EU Sweden 2020 agenda

Antibiotic resistance is a global health threat that requires efforts from the entire international community. The Swedish work to ensure continued access to effective antibiotics is internationally recognized as successful and prioritized at the political level. In the first half of 2023, Sweden holds the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the European Union, and antimicrobial resistance is high on the health agenda.

Learn more: Sustainable access to effective antibiotics in focus at Swedish EU presidency High-level meeting

2 minute video about the E-learning course Strama – a working model to tackle antibiotic resistance in Sweden”

Access the e-learning course: “Strama – a working model to tackle antibiotic resistance in Sweden”

You need to register with your e-mail to learn more and to access the course. The course is free of charge.

Click here to learn more and register (click the flag of the United Kingdom for English)!

Otto Cars, Professor Infectious Diseases, Uppsala University and Founder of STRAMA and ReAct. Photo: David Naylor, Uppsala University.

Otto Cars – initiated STRAMA

ReAct’s Otto Cars was one of the initiators of Swedish Strama network in 1995. In 2011 Professor Otto Cars left the Strama Council to devote more time to international work on antibiotic resistance.

Article and film: Otto Cars has dedicated his life to the fight against antibiotic resistance

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