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New antibiotic resistance coalition urges immediate action

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22 May 2014

GENEVA – In a declaration launched today, during the 67th World Health Assembly, ReAct and partners in the new Antibiotic Resistance Coalition (ARC), a group of civil society organisations working in human, environmental and agricultural health, urges immediate global action to tackle the rapidly accelerating threat of antibiotic resistance.


Press release from the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition (PDF).

In October 2013, ReAct organised a first meeting with a number of civil society organisations (CSOs) to widen the circle of stakeholders working with antibiotic resistance. This meeting was followed by a largerone in Geneva, and on May 1st, 2014, the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition was born with ReAct as a proud member.

– Today, the coalition launches a declaration on antibiotic resistance, and the fantastic commitment and support from all has greatly exceeded our expectations says Anna Zorzet, Manager at ReAct.

Declaration from the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition´s Declaration on Antibiotic Resistance (PDF).
In connection with the launch of the declaration ReAct also presents their policy document; “The World´s Collective Responsibility to Conserve Antibiotic Effectiveness” (PDF, 1MB) where ReAct takes the discussion further and calls for a formal global debate on future distribution and use of new antibiotics with the participation of all stakeholders.
Spokespersons at ReAct in Sweden for more information about the ARC declaration:

Manager and scientific officer, Anna Zorzet,,
+46 709 94 95 89
Founder and scientific advisor, Otto Cars,,
+46 708 92 02 03