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2019 AMR photo competition prizes announced

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It was a tough call choosing between various entries to ReAct Asia Pacific’s 2019 photography competition on the theme of antimicrobial resistance. In the end a total of seven winners emerged for the top three prizes, with two sharing the first one, three sharing the second prize and again two dividing the third prize among themselves.

M Hariis and Kevin Abraham – this was an even race – so both share first place in ReAct Asia Pacific photo contest 2019. Photo: M Hariis.

The competition, organized under the aegis of the Antibiotic Stewardship and Prevention of Infection in Communities or ASPIC clubs, has now been held for the third year in a row. The participants are mainly students who are members of the ASPIC clubs, which seek to raise awareness about issues related to antimicrobial resistance.

This year’s themes were:

  • self-medication with antibiotics
  • antibiotic use in production of poultry
  • antibiotic contamination from health care waste
  • effluents from pharmaceutical companies
  • research into new antibiotics.

Commenting on the entries for the photo competition in 2019, one of the judges Juan Carlos Lopez, from Ecuador says:

“Excellent entries. I enjoyed the creative energy of the students”.

Another judge, Satya Sivaraman of ReAct Asia Pacific says:

“Many of the entries have creatively linked the problem of antimicrobial resistance to how we perceive medicine and to ecology itself”.

The winners of the competition are as follows:

First Place

Kevin Abraham

Kevin Abraham shares first place with M Hariis. Photo: Kevin Abraham.

Kevin Abraham, who was the joint winner of the contest says:

“Over the last three years, this competition has helped the students to gain a better understanding on the use of antibiotics. I am thankful for selecting my picture on self medication, which has become a routine of our lifestyle. I believe that ReAct team can reach a wider community through these initiatives for spreading awareness on antibiotic resistance.”

M Hariis

M Hariis and Kevin Abraham – an even race – so both share first place in ReAct Asia Pacific photo contest 2019. Photo: M Hariis.

Second Place

Shipra Mandal

Shipra Mandal’s photo is one of three in second place. Photo: Shipra Mandal.

Moncy Biju

Moncy Biju’s contribution is the only one in black and white. Photo: Moncy Biju.

Afreed Ali

Afreed Ali is using color as an effect in his photo. Photo: Afreed Ali.

Third Place

Ashish Christopher

Ashata Dahal is the only contribution portraying people.
Photo: Ashata Dahal.

Ashata Dahal

Final winner, one of three in third place is Ashish Christopher. Photo: Ashish Christopher.

Philip Mathew, ReAct Asia Pacific concludes:

“The nature of entries have evolved over the last three years, reflecting a better diffusion of messages around antibiotic resistance to the wider community. At the same time, it shows the need to frame the issue better so that all dimensions of antibiotic resistance are communicated to the stakeholder groups.”

All the winners will receive a symbolic amount of money and also the opportunity to attend a grooming session on photography, led by professional photographers and communication professionals.

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