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Webinar ReAct Asia Pacific! Moving towards an Antibiotic Smart Community – the use of a novel indicator framework

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10 of November ReAct Asia Pacific is hosting a webinar focusing on community engagement and a novel indicator framework that the region developed via the project Antibiotic Smart Communities. During the webinar ReAct Asia Pacific will share learnings for the project, you will listen to AMR-experts from across the globe and the 1,5 hour long webinar will end with a panel discussion. There will also be opportunity to ask questions.

Webinar: Moving towards an Antibiotic Smart Community-the use of a novel indicator framework by ReAct Asia Pacific

Date: 10 November 10

Time: 13:30 – 15:00 CET

Community engagement and participation are essential for the success of public health measures. ReAct Asia Pacific has developed a novel indicator framework to assist in moving towards an “Antibiotic Smart Community” concept. The indicator framework can objectively monitor antimicrobial-resistance-specific and antimicrobial-resistance-sensitive changes on the ground and assign a score, which can help to quantify the preparedness of a community in mitigating the antimicrobial resistance challenge. The scoring system can help policymakers in understanding the impact of various antimicrobial resistance policies and strengthen the accountability of the National Action Plan on AMR implementation machinery.

15 indicators piloted in a community of 11,000 people

The Antibiotic Smart Community indicator framework has 15 indicators from the human, animal, environment, and trans-sectoral domains. In late 2021, the indicator framework was piloted in a community consisting of 11,000 people in the state of Kerala, India. After the pilot project, an action agenda (set of contextualized events or specific activities) was implemented in the community to see whether such activities influence the scoring. The agenda was set after extensive community dialogue and prioritization exercise by the community members.

The webinar describes the multi-year project wherein the indicator framework was developed and piloted in multiple sites in India, besides featuring a discussion with experts on the importance of community participation in the implementation of National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance.

Webinar Overview

The webinar will be an initial discussion on:

  • the need for antibiotic-smart communities
  • the development of the indicator framework
  • contextualized actions to plug gaps identified through the indicator framework
  • and integration of community participation and mobilization into National Action Plans on AMR.

Panel discussion

With experts in the AMR domain on “Facilitating and supporting the sustainability of community engagement programs for AMR mitigation.”


  • Otto Cars, Founder and Senior Advisor ReAct
  • Anand Balachandran, Unit Head, AMR National Action Plans and Monitoring Unit, AMR Division, World Health Organisation, Geneva
  • Satya Sivaraman, Philip Mathew, Hyfa Mohammed Ali ReAct Asia Pacific

Panel Discussion

  • Otto Cars, Founder and Senior Advisor, ReAct
  • Nienke Bruinsma, Senior Technical Officer, AMR National Action Plans and Monitoring Unit, AMR Division, World Health Organisation Geneva
  • Lucy McDowell, Strategic Design and Innovation Manager, Wellcome Trust
  • Samuel Kimeu, Executive Director, Africa Voices Foundation
  • Tracie Muraya, Senior Policy Officer ReAct Africa.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Sujith J Chandy, Director, ReAct Asia Pacific.

Who can join?

  • Anyone interested in working toward AMR mitigation is welcome to attend the webinar.
  • The webinar is intended to be a knowledge-sharing and perspective-exploring session.
  • Through the Question and Answer box and Chat box, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and panelists.

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