News and Opinions  –  2016

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: ReAct Latin America – tell our stories and learn from the youngest

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On Wednesday 16 November in Cuenca, Ecuador, to mark the occasion of the Antibioticc Awareness Week, the Faculty of Medicine at the Catholic University of Cuenca, joined the campaign and organized a meeting between students and healthcare professionals.

More than 450 students, professors of medicine, psychology, nursing, veterinary and agronomy and ReAct Latin America gathered to reflect on the proper use of antibiotics in an atmosphere of enthusiasm, predisposition and commitment.

Educational material on bacterias – for children

The event was held at the Faculty of Agronomy, thus involving new academic sectors of health. There they presented the video documentary “Learning with the little ones” and launched a call to “Let us tell our Bac-Stories”.


The projection of the video “Learning with the smallest: children and bacteria building the Alforja Educativa” (educational knapsack), traverses the process of construction of Alforja, a graphic and audiovisual didactic material for education and health promotion. Collectively developed among doctors, artists, teachers and children, the objective is to get the youngest to know the microbial world from the perspective of Sumak Kawsay (well being), respect the proper use of antibiotics and understand antibiotic resistance.

A good story is born of popular wisdom

bac-historiasThe call “Let us tell our Bac-Stories” is based on the idea that a good story is born of popular wisdom, serves as the basis of scientific development and contributes to the construction of a more harmonious world. That is why ReAct invites medical students, research scholars and without exception to the general public to participate with their stories on antibiotic resistance in various academic, educational and artistic formats.

Continued commitment

The commitment was agreed to continue joint activities, work to promote actions that generate evidence, research in relation to antibiotic resistance to and to tell “Bac-stories” that enrich from the experience the community, academic and scientific spaces.

Information about the call and download of Alforja Educativa in: