News and Opinions  –  2017

ReAct Latin America launches book with a One Health perspective

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Kicking off World Antibiotic Awareness Week, ReAct Latin America launches the book "Extending and Embellishing the Mosaic". It is the third volume of ReAct Latin America’s series Reimagining the Resistance.

The book intends to continue adding layers and reflections to antibiotic resistance with a one health perspective, involving all aspects of the earth: the humans, the animals and the nature. This to address all health connections and all connections of bacterial resistance to pose sustainable solutions.

Arturo Quizhpe Peralta, Head of ReAct Latin America, and the students of the Faculty of Social Communication, opened the launch with two of the co-authors of the book: the artist Juan Francisco Benavides and the academic Nicolás Campoverde. Authorities and teachers of the Universidad del Azuay were also present.

Arturo Quizphe, Head of ReAct Latin America.

Arturo Quizhpe Peralta says:

”To increase the outreach of our messages about antibiotic resistance, we need to redefine and extend the ownership of the issue to also include stakeholders from outside of the academic world.”

Emphasis of the event was to involve young people to change social issues and raise awareness about infectious diseases.

The academics, researchers and artists, Mary Murray, Damián Verzeñassi, Hugo Noboa and Marcelo Andocilla, are also co-authors of the book, in collaboration with the Instituto de Salud Socioambiental de Rosario and the Universidad del Azuay.

“Ampliando y embelleciendo el mosaico” (“Expanding and embellishing the mosaic”) is the third volume of the series Reimagining the Resistance. It is a new effort to continue diversifying the reflections and the voices to reimagine the resistance collectively and integrally. Here you find the new book (in Spanish) and other educational material from ReAct.