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ReAct wishes for 2018 – node by node

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We would like to thank you for 2017 with wishes for an exciting 2018!

Here you find ReAct wishes for 2018, node by node. Together we can make a difference.

ReAct Africa

Photo: ReAct Africa.

In 2018, React Africa wishes to increase our work with both regional and global organizations to support National Action Plans on AMR implementation and bring forward the progress and challenges that African countries face.

We also call on all African governments to commit, in sincerity, all their efforts in 2018 to developing solutions that are suitable and implementable in Africa and bringing such solutions to the global level to better inform the discussions on antibiotic resistance.

ReAct Asia Pacific

Photo: Melanie Magdalena, Unsplash.

We as a community of those who care about antibiotics, call upon all stakeholders to be actively engaged with the Global Action Plan on AMR, to understand the urgent need for action and to use every available resource to be good stewards of this precious resource.

We call upon governments and policy makers to allocate sufficient funds for their National Action Plans on AMR, civil society organizations to sensitize those that they work with, the industry and scientists to reinvigorate their research on antibiotics, professionals and other users of antibiotics to use them wisely, and the public to encourage and comply with hygienic practices in their daily lives so that we as a society are able to move into the new year with renewed vigour in our quest to contain antibiotic resistance.

ReAct Europe

Photo: Cocoparisienne, Pixabay.

In 2018 we wish to see governments honoring their 2016 commitment in the UNGA Political declaration by providing funding for later stage research & development financing models that are delinked from the end price and the sales volumes. We need this to ensure novel antibiotics are affordable and can be managed by public health driven conservation measures.

For 2018 we also call on governments, donors and international organizations to focus much more energy on supporting and strengthening health systems in low and middle-income countries to improve access to effective antibiotics that many go without today, and to reduce unnecessary and inappropriate use of antibiotics.

ReAct North America

Photo: Annca, Pixabay.

In 2018, we hope that healthcare workers and those bringing food to our tables will join together in making stronger strides and commitments to ensuring the appropriate use of antibiotics in the healthcare delivery and food production systems. May their collective voices for One Health be matched by how restaurant chains, hospitals, schools and consumers source the food they procure.

In 2018 we want to see the voices of civil society, especially those of our colleagues in the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition (ARC), heard at all levels – local, national and global – in the policy discussions on antibiotic resistance. More than ever, we need their perspectives to root the work on antibiotic resistance to ensure access but not excess, to correct underuse as well as overuse, and to see antibiotic resistance as a One Health issue.

ReAct Latin America

Photo: Geralt, Pixabay.

In 2018, we hope to replace the war metaphor within antimicrobial resistance with a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships among human and animal health, the earth and the microbial world – acknowledging the role of antibiotics in these dynamics.

In 2018, we hope that agro-ecological movements around the world will eliminate the use of antibiotics for growth promotion and pesticides in food production. They should strive to stop the spread of antibiotic resistance and instead produce tasteful food and promote health for people, nature, and microbes.

In 2018, we hope children of the world will help adults understand that a fraternal relationship with the animal, vegetal, microbial, and mineral realms is integral to living a healthy, joyful life. Children have the power to change us.