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WAAW: ReAct Asia Pacific holds the second edition of photography contest


ReAct Asia Pacific organized a photography contest for students to commemorate the World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2018. This was the second edition of the contest - and this year it was made sweeter with the addition of a separate Short Movie competition.

The first prize in the Photography contest was won by Rohan Basak, India. (This is a cropped version. See the original further down in article.)

The theme for this year’s competitions were broad and included:

  • self-medication with antibiotics
  • antibiotic use in production of poultry
  • issues of antibiotic contamination from healthcare waste
  • effluents from drug factories and expanding the antibiotic pipeline.

The themes were selected to reflect the various drivers of antimicrobial resistance, especially in the context of low- and middle-income countries. The competitions were open to all the college/university students from the Asia-Pacific region. There were numerous entries from India and Thailand – and it reflected the increasing level of awareness about the issue.

“Besides the creativity, the hard work put in by each participant to learn about antimicrobial resistance is awe-inspiring. This learning process was evident in each entry. The competition is a great indicator to show that health and communication professionals should find synergy at some level, for effective behavior change among general public in pertinent issues like antimicrobial resistance.”

Mr Nirmal George Koshy, Chief Innovation Officer, BCMC, India (Former Chief Sub Editor, The Week)

The entries were evaluated by Mr Satya Sivaraman, Communications Consultant of ReAct Asia Pacific and Mr Nirmal George Koshy, Chief Innovation Officer of Believers Church Medical College, India. Both the evaluators, who played senior roles in the print/visual media at some point in their careers, were extremely impressed by the quality of entries. Most of the entries had great creative quality and adhered perfectly to the theme of the competition.

Winner Rohan Basak portrayed self medication

The first prize in the Photography Contest was won by Rohan Basak from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India, who portrayed self-medication in a quirky manner. The second prize was shared by Afreed Ali (Government Medical College, Kollam, India) and Aashay Pande (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India). Incidentally, Aashay Pande was the winner of the last edition of the photography contest. The third prize was also shared by two contestants- Shipra Mandal (Kolkata Medical College, Kolkata) and Nitin Kumar (Armed Forces Medical College, Pune)

“As a medical student, my first approach to antibiotic resistance was a theoretical one, without any color or imagination. Through this competition, I felt that I received another opportunity to approach this topic, one where vivid colors and a splash of imagination can help curb the morose issue of self-prescription and antibiotic resistance.”

Rohan Basak, winner of the Photography contest

The first prize in the Photography contest was won by Rohan Basak from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India, who portrayed self-medication.
The second prize was shared. This is Afreed Al’s (Government Medical College, Kollam, India) contribution.
The second prize was shared. This is Aashay Pande’s (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India) contribution. He won last year’s competition.

The Short Video contest also saw some very impressive entries. The first place was won by Joseph Kuttikatt, who made a parody on self-medication based on popular video game Pokemon Emerald. The second and third prizes were secured by Aashay Pande and Rohan Basak respectively. All the three best entries were from students doing their medical studies at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India.

Joseph Kuttikatt, India won the Short Video contest. He made a parody on self-medication based on popular video game Pokemon Emerald.

Winners get to attend science communication workshop

All the winners get a cash prize and also an opportunity to attend a science communication workshop organized by ReAct Asia Pacific at the prestigious Madras Christian College, Chennai. The workshop will be led by eminent communication professionals and will discuss various methods to simplify the messaging around antimicrobial resistance and other public health issues.

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