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ReAct activities for World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019

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During World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019 ReAct will arrange and participate in a various set of activities - on the ground and online. The activities on the ground will take place in Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Switzerland, the US and Kenya, some of these activities will also be accompanied with online presence. ReAct will meet students, children, hold seminars, arrange community workshops, media workshops and civil society meetings and much more. We have listed all activities below.

ReAct Africa


19 November: School children from primary schools in Siaya county will be commemorating World Toilet Day on 19th November as part of World Antibiotic Awareness Week. ReAct Africa has been piloting a project to raise awareness amongst primary school children and teachers in Siaya and Kisumu counties in Kenya. Learn more about the project.

20 November: Twitter chat by Africa CDC and African Union. Mirfin Mpundu, Head of ReAct Africa, and Tracy Muraya, Project Manager, ReAct Africa, will be in panel. Join conversation: 20:00 EAT, 19:00 CAT, 18:00 WAT, CET, 13:00 EST, 17:00 BST.

23 November: University Students Symposium at the Kenya National Theatre Nairobi, with Ministry Of Health, Kenya. It is jointly organized by the Government of Kenya (Ministries of Health and Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries) in collaboration with partners (FAO,OIE,WHO, Becton, Dickinson and Company, ReAct Africa, University of Nairobi, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Diamond V and the World Animal Protection). Mirfin Mpundu, Head of ReAct Africa will be guest of honour and prizes for the photography competition will be awarded on the day.

The university students, representing 5 Kenyan universities will also participate in an AMR quiz and do live skit performances on the day.

Photography contest for students.

Contact for more information: Julian Nyamupachitu.

ReAct Asia Pacific

18 November: Release of ReAct Asia Pacific photography contest results.

19 November: A new ASPIC club will be inaugurated at St Berchman’s college, Changanacherry. This will be the 12th ASPIC club in the network .

20 November: The training manual for primary school children will be piloted at CMS LP School, Punnakkad. We will be interacting with school students for the first time.

21 November: A workshop for dentists – in association with Indian Dental Association: “Rationalizing antibiotic use in dental clinics: What does evidence say?”.

22 November: Community mobilization efforts through folk arts, at the housing for low income group colonies. This in the form of evening meetings at a public area within these colonies: puppet show, street theatre and a classical artform called “ottanthullal”.


17 November: Media seminar in Jakarta

ReAct will join FAO events in Jakarta during the week.

Contact for more information: India: Philip Mathew Indonesia: Vida Parady

ReAct Europe

18 November: Join ECDC Europe event in Stockholm, Sweden for European Antibiotic Awareness Day.

22 November: UNICEF will launch its very first internal technical guidance paper on antimicrobial resistance.

Publish blog post in collaboration with WaterAid.

Contact for more information: Therese Holm

ReAct North America

The 2018 winning teams in Innovate4AMR at the workshop at WHO in Geneva. Photo: ReAct North America.

19 November: Participate at the The Indian World Conference on Access to Medical Products, Delhi, India. Anthony So, Director of ReAct’s Strategic Policy Programme, will speak at parallel session 2 (The Role of Transparency in Ensuring Fair Returns from Pharmaceutical R&D) and parallel session 3 (Incentives for Development in Antibiotics, Global AMR R&D Hub).

21-23 November: Organizing Innovate4AMR workshop in Geneva, Switzerland with International Federation of Medical Student Associations, South Centre, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School and support from the WHO. 10 winning teams will join a three day workshop on antimicrobial resistance, where students will network with and learn from international experts.


Contact for more information: Prateek Sharma

ReAct Latin America

Body painting bacteria. From 2018 World Antibiotic Awareness Week in ReAct Latin America.


6 November: Conversation with students and teachers of the University of Cuenca: Antibiotics as a Human Right. With Attorney Marcos Filardi from Argentina

November 7: Continental Meeting for Water and Climate Change. Exhibition: Antibiotics as a Human Right, with Attorney Marcos Filardi, from Argentina

11-16 November: Health in Hands of the Community in Cuenca. Theme: Food, health and antibiotics: What are we eating?

12-15 November: Workshop – Our school garden and the Educational Saddlebag – strategies for health care and the use of antibiotics.

13-15 November: Wise Communities Workshop on health care and antibiotic use

Forums in different media focused on food production and use of antibiotics.

18-22 November: Online campaign: newsletter, website, social media.

Contact for more information: Juan-Carlos Lopez

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