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World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2016

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During World Antibiotic Awareness Week (14-20 November) ReAct arranged a series of activities. These included policy meetings, hospital visits with sessions on antimicrobial resistance, seminars, media conferences, workshops, launch of stories working with children, forums, presentations, TV and radio shows and much more. Countries covered by these activities were Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Indonesia, Thailand and Ecuador. See list below and contacts for more information.

ReAct Africa


4 November
Hospital visit:
Hospital visit for an antimicrobial resistance session with staff, Kijabe Mission Hospital, Kijabe.

14 November
Policy meeting:
Policy meeting to raise awareness on antimicrobial resistance.

15 November
Interact with patient and health care provider:
Distribute information materials and interact with patient and health care provider in Kenyetta National Hospital, Nairobi.

Launch at conference: Antimicrobial resistance awareness launch at conference for health professionals organized by IPNET & Minister of Health in Machakos.

14-18 November
Stickers hand-out in public vehicles: Distributing stickers with message: handle antibiotics with care, in public transport vehicles.


Articles in newspapers: Articles in at least two newspapers on antibiotic resistance released during the awareness week.

Presentations in radio: Presentations on various issues related to antibiotics resistance made in three radio stations.

Television presentation: At least one presentation on antibiotic resistance done on nation television during the week.

Short documentary: A short documentary on antimicrobial resistance compiled.


Engage journalists: Engage journalists to run stories on Antimicrobial Resistance in the Uganda newspapers with three articles and one Radio/TV Talk show.

For more information regarding activities in Africa please contact ReAct Africa: Yvon de Jong:

ReAct Asia Pacific


20 November – 6 December
Three cities:
Activities will be carried out in three cities: Jakarta, Bali, and Biak. Supported by WHO Indonesia and Ministry of Health.

20 November
National Health Day exhibition:
YOP and WHO Indonesia will participate in the National Health Day exhibition held by the MoH in Jakarta. We will be given a booth to provide IEC materials to the visitors (existing IEC materials funded by ReAct from the previous events will be reproduced by YOP and distributed in this event)

22 November
Media briefing:
A media briefing will be held in Jakarta. Speakers: Ministry of Health, WHO Indonesia and YOP.

24-26 November
Seminars and public awareness events: 
YOP will arrange seminars and public awareness events in Biak regency, Papua province. Speakers from Ministry of Health and WHO Indonesia will also be invited.

Talk in radio show: A one-hour talk show in local radio station will also be held.

4-6 December
Seminars and public awareness events: YOP will arrange seminars and public awareness events in Bali province.

Talk in radio show: A one-hour talk show in local radio station will also be held.

Within the week of Nov 14 (date to be confirmed)
Talk in radio show:
A one-hour talk show in a national TV in Jakarta will be held with speakers from WHO Indonesia and YOP.


18 November
Press Conference:
Press Conference on World Antibiotic Awareness Week by the Thai Health Foundation, Bangkok. 10.00 am -12.30 pm local time.

Lectures, group activity and puppet show: Antimicrobial awareness activity at Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok – including lectures, group activity and puppet show. 13.00 pm – 16.00 pm local time.

Activities in 20 university hospitals: About 20 university hospitals around Thailand will carry out activities related to antimicrobial resistance involving the public during the World Antibiotic Awareness Week.

For more information regarding activities in Indonesia please contact ReAct Asia Pacific: Vida Parady:

For more information regarding activities in Thailand please contact Asia Pacific: Satya Sivaraman:

ReAct Latin America

ReAct Latin America and their network will share the progress, achievements and challenges of its various programs, successful projects and lessons learned. Among others, we highlight the following activities:

4 November
Regional newsletter announcing World Antibiotic Awareness Week: Article highlighting the conceptual aspects of the antibiotic resistance problem.


9 November
Launch of the Video “Learning with the smalls”: A video highlighting the role of children while they play, learn and promote the health of ecosystems, reflect on the microbial world, learning together with their teachers, fathers and mothers to care for the use of antibiotics, and Caring for Life.

11 November
Call for “Telling Our Bac-stories”: ReAct prepares the call to tell our “Back-stories” and begin to weave together new strategies to take care of everyone’s life.

14 November

Child to child Stories: Launch of the story of working with children, with the Alforja Educativa, in some countries in Latin America.

Forums and debates

17 November
Academic Forum:
Academic Forum “Antibiotics: We need to tackle excessive use”, University of Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador.

18 November
Radio show:
Antibiotics: Caring for use, care to life” Radio forum in Ecuadorian regional station, Cuenca, Ecuador.

Join conversation in social media (in Spanish): Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

For more information regarding activities in Ecuador please contact ReAct Latin America: Carlos Bacacela: (Spanish), Arturo Quizhpe: (English)

ReAct North America

13 or 14 November
Webinar for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM): Access to Medicines Week on antimicrobial resistance.

For more information regarding activities in North America please contact ReAct North America: Reshma Ramachandran:

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  • ECDC (European Centre for Prevention and Control) during European Antibiotic Awareness day. You find ECDC social media toolkit here.
  • CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) during World Antibiotic Awareness week.