News and Opinions  –  2016

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: ReAct Latin America launches Child to Child Stories 

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The Child to Child Stories are launched during the World Antibiotic Awareness Week in Venzuela, Argentina and Ecuador. 


Children as researchers and advocators

One of the most important aspects for ReAct Latin America has been the inclusion of children in projects. The children, through their enthusiasm, in turn ‘infect’ their own families and their neighborhood with knowledge on antibiotic resistance and microbial life.

Using children as a vehicle in raising awareness on antibiotic resistance is not surprising, given that ReAct Latin America is hosted by and collaborates closely with the Child to Child Centre in Ecuador.

The ‘child to child’ approach helps children become health promoters for other children, their families and their communities, and to be active researchers and advocates.

Based on this approach, ReAct Latin America and the Child to Child Centre has developed an educational toolkit called the Alforja Educativa (“educational knapsack”).